Matsushita YOUNA
  • 1994年 生まれ
  • 2014年 国立高等専門学校土木建築工学科 卒業
  • 2016年 国立京都工芸繊維大学造形工学科 卒業
  • 2016年 スーパーゼネコン 建築技術職 入社
  • 2022年 同社 退職
  • 2022年 長野移住 書家活動を本格的に開始
  • Born in 1994
  • 2014 Graduated from Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, National College of Technology
  • 2016 Graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology
  • 2016 Joined a super general contractor as a construction engineer
  • 2022 Retired from the same company
  • 2022 Moved to Nagano, Japan Started full-scale activities as a Japanese calligrapher
Started taking Japanese calligraphy lessons at the age of 8, obtained a teaching license at the age of 23, and continued self-taught calligraphy.
While working as an architectural engineer, I decided to become an independent Japanese calligrapher and started my own business at the age of 28.
I have been involved in the creation of store name logos, orders, and naming calligraphy both domestically and internationally.

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